Risibisi Piselli Bio

This pea and rice-based nibble is a new crunchy organic snack from Valledoro. They have been baked in the oven and not fried, and are free from palm oil. They are a rich source of protein and fibre, and ideal as a snack or accompaniment to vegan dishes.


Pea flour* 80%, rice flour* 17%, sunflower oil*, salt. *Organic – GLUTEN-FREE

Nutritional Values

Energy Value (kj) 1697

Protein 21

Dietary fibre 21

Carbohydrates 62

of which sugars 2.8

Salt 1

Fats 3.2

of which saturated 0.3

Energy Value (kj) 403

Try them like this

Risibisi - Veg Tart
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